Study is underway

Although officially the module introducing the study of law only began on Saturday, the course materials arrived a few weeks ago. This has meant that it has been possible to get ahead of the study timetable as outlined in the materials. Some ideas that have come up already include questions surrounding the definitions and applications of rules, social customs, and laws.

Working out when the best time for study whilst working is some of the most important preparation. Glanville Williams stated that students should

…form the habit of working a full morning …, because this is the part of the day when you are freshest. Do not do minor chores in the morning. As for the rest of the day, you will wish to make your own choice between the afternoon and evening for work, but at either time you will fine that alcohol is inconsistent with study,1

Certainly drinking whilst attempting to study does not seem to be the best idea. However, drinking too much caffeine could be a bad idea as well… I’m sure that there the times of study will be a regular feature of this new blog.

1. Learning the Law, p.78

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