Summer Madness staff expresses disappointment with Summer Madness

I recently became aware of a post by a volunteer staff member at Summer Madness. Summer Madness for those of you who don’t know already is Ireland’s largest Christian festival which is or certainly was originally run by the Church of Ireland.

From Summer Madness’ own Ten Steps to Residential Heaven we can read,

‘Feed them well. Don’t scrimp too much on the meals. If you feed them well they’ll moan less and enjoy the activities more. And make sure that no matter how cold it is outside, they can be warm and comfortable inside.’ – Steve, residential veteran

The Festival’s guide for staff said that for £16 they will get three standard meals a day. What does this meal consist of? Well according to the staff member who wrote the blog:

Now remember I said we had to pay £16 for meals. Well I did. What we were provided with for dinner were baps, slices of processed cheese and cold powdered soup. If we wanted any meat in our bap or anything warm or even anything substantial, we had to pay extra for it. £2.50 for a burger? I don’t think so.

But food is not the worst of what happened… for all of that, I suggest you go and read the full post. But be warned, you may need to have a box of tissues beside you. The staff member ends with:

The saddest part is that now, after 15 years, when someone says the words Summer Madness it won’t be climbing up trees and singing round campfires at Gosford Forest, or my first venture at staffing at the Kings Hall, my time spent with family or friends praising God. It will be the man at the gate on Friday 29th of June 2012 who has ruined the memory of Summer Madness for me for the rest of my life.

I will not be returning to Summer Madness again and I will not promote the festival to anyone I know, will not urge anyone to volunteer for staff and I just pray that they don’t treat anyone else the way I, my team members and my family have been treated again because that is not the work of God.

Read the rest of her article here.

Originally posted at Gyronny Herald.

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