Orangefest gone wrong

I have just watched some footage which it is said is from the Twelfth of July parade in Belfast yesterday. It is clearly outside St Patrick’s Church in Donegall Street. The marching could be said to be dignified, and it is certainly not simply standing there doing nothing. However, I don’t recognise the hymn tune that is being played.

A quick reminder from the Parades Commission’s Public Processions and Related Protest Meetings: A code of conduct:

Appendix B

Guidance for Anyone Participating in Public Processions in the Vicinity of Sensitive Locations

A. Places of Worship

Only hymn tunes should be played.

When church services are taking place, no music should be played.

There should be no irreverent behaviour.

Marching should be dignified.

B. War Memorials and Cemeteries

Only hymn tunes should be played.

Behaviour should be respectful.

Marching should be dignified.

C. Where the Majority Population of the Vicinity are of a Different Tradition, and in Interface Areas

Behaviour should be respectful.

There should be no excessively loud drumming.

Participants should refrain from conduct, words, music or behaviour which could reasonably be perceived as intentionally sectarian, provocative, threatening, abusive, insulting or lewd.

Marching should be dignified.

The actions of the apparently “YCV” band in the video above do not seem to me to be in line with this. Could anyone tell me what hymn they are playing? And why is the parade halted at that point anyway?

Further more, why is the person making the film told to ‘Take himself off?’ Is someone aware of how this could look if brought to the attention of the media, and the Parades Commission?

Originally posted on Gyronny Herald.

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