Charities need to act professionally when knocking at people’s doors…


When I was calling at people’s doors for many reasons, I liked having some form of organisational identification about my person, to show to people as they opened the door of their house to me. I’ve just had an odd conversation with two young women who claim to be from Action on Hearing Loss. Now, the building I live in, is meant to be secure, so they should not have been able to get in without pressing a buzzer, however they did gain access. They then proceeded to knock on doors, and got to mine.

I answered, was asked by them: “Is this your house?” I nearly answered, “No, I’m a burglar.” but I merely said that I was. I then asked who they were? They didn’t give their names, just that they were from Action on Hearing Loss and that they were looking to see if people needed assistance because of hearing difficulties. I told them that this was not of use to me, but I did ask if they had any ID from Action on Hearing Loss. They just walked out the door. Their folder was just a folder, no branded paper, nothing. I’ve just emailed AOHL NI

Dear Action on Hearing Loss,

I have just answered my door to two callers who claim to be working on your behalf. They are showing no identification, and nothing that they were carrying suggested that they were from Action on Hearing Loss. I am concerned at this unprofessionalism.

First of all, I hope that no one is using your name fraudulently, and secondly, I hope that you will consider giving your volunteers or possibly staff name badges to be worn to make it clear who they are and from what organisation they come.

Yours sincerely,



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