Safe Scouting – flexible hoses on LPG cylinders

'Young people are curious, and they learn quickly. We should not deny them the opportunity to learn by taking risks.'—Judith Hackitt, Chair of Health & Safety ExecutiveSafety is at the heart of Scouting. We provide safe environments for young people and adults to enjoy many adventurous activities in accordance with The Scout Association’s Safety Policy.

Many Scout units will use LPG for cooking during Scout activities. Guidance has been received from the County Commissioner, Chris Bent, about the use of flexible hoses on LPG cylinders.

A visible check should be made annually, preferably at the beginning of the camping season for signs of deterioration in the condition of the hose.

·         Checks for leaks can be made with the use of liquid soap

·         Some manufacturers use Black colour hoses.  These should be replaced annually

·         Orange colour hoses carry a date of manufacturer stamped at regular intervals in its length . These should be replaced after 5 years

Other guidance on cooking with gas can be found in Scouting Magazine June/July 2008: Cooking with Gas

Originally posted on Bedford District Scouts.

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