Bedford District Scouts

It’s Etienne Stott’s Olympic Homecoming tomorrow in Bedford. The parade starts on De Parys Avenue at 1pm.

The Olympic celebration will travel from De Parys Avenue, down the High Street and along the Embankment. It will be joined by a parade of kayaks and canoes from Etienne’s club, the Viking Kayak Club, on the river itself.  The parade will then move on to the Duckmill Weir White Water Arena which is to be renamed ‘Etienne Stott White Water Arena’ in recognition of the former Biddenham Upper School students’ Olympic success this summer.

Graeme Watt, local District Commissioner said

I only received notice of this event today, and it is rather short notice, but it would be great for as many of our young people as possible to get out along the route and maybe get to see our own gold medallist.

Etienne first was in a canoe with St Andrew’s…

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