We all have a connection to the Great War – even me.

For years, I have often felt at a disadvantage. The crazy thing is that this perceived disadvantage was in fact because I was very fortunate. You see, all around me at school and later at college, there were friends who had lost grandfathers, or great grandfathers, or other male relatives to The Great War and of course, the Second World War. Throughout my knowledge of my family, I could not think of one who had fought in the Great War. I knew that my maternal grandfather William John Rawles had fought in the Second World War, and I learned at his ninetieth birthday that he had been commissioned in the field as well. But with all the talk in Northern Ireland of the Somme, the Ulster Division, it almost became that I felt we had somehow let the side down.

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One thought on “We all have a connection to the Great War – even me.

  1. My uncle, Hugh Anderson, was in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, fought at the Somme and was wounded in the Suvla Bay landing in the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign. WWI may be 99 years ago but it has had, and still has, a very significent effect on today!!!

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