Andrew had a hell of a job interview

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In just over 48 hours I have stayed in two hotels, been on two plane flights, used two different currencies, been through three airports, been in four countries, and travelled more than 2,500 miles.

That’s jet-settin’ tech writin’!

—Andrew McFarland Campbell on Google+

This was the most extreme journey for a job interview that I have heard of ever. Whilst Andrew was away, I was left at home in Belfast, cuddling his Build-a-Bear Polar Bear, Gabriel, and crying myself to sleep. For the last three years we have been living together: I had not realised how much of a hole would be left by Andrew’s absence. He was only away for just over two days, but the time that he was away took me right back to the days of me living in the north of the city of Belfast, in a cold house, huddling under a duvet cover—or two—for…

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