Iarnród Éireann nearly gets the Irish right.

Since living in Ireland, I have become accustomed to seeing and hearing the national language in all sorts of places. I believe it is in the interests of everyone for both Irish and English to be used.

I did not benefit from learning Irish at school. I went to the “wrong sort of school” in Northern Ireland for that subject to be taught. Despite the encouragement of some friends and also the use of Duolingo on my phone, I am nowhere near proficient to be able to use it everywhere.

However, when I see an opportunity, I will take it. So, this morning when getting the train into Dublin I used the automatic ticket machine at Portarlington. There was the option for Irish. So I navigated and bought my ticket.

I was expecting the ticket to be printed in English. But no, the ticket was printed in Irish. Well, kinda.

It seems that the accents are not printed so that makes everything not quite right.

Cúil an tSúdaire and Átha Cliath do not have the accents.

I should have thought that if Iarnród Éireann wanted to issue tickets in both languages they would have invested in technology to produce the national language with its fadas and all.

Still, it is at least closer to it than not doing so at all. Go raith maith agat.

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