Amazing what can be done on an iPhone

So, this morning, before leaving the house to come into Dublin, I had a letter that needed to be finalised and sent out to the other Scouters in my scout group. I had the document started and saved in my OneDrive. But my actual laptop suddenly decided to need to update the operating system when I switched it on. I didn’t have much time before I needed to leave to get my train, so I suddenly thought I might be able to do it on my iPhone.

Yes, amazingly, it is possible to correct the letter using the Microsoft Word app and then export to PDF. I was pleasantly amazed at how easy it was. It was a bit difficult then to attach it to an email from the gmail app but it was possible in a roundabout way.

When I think back to how Scout notes would have been done by my grandfather — probably using hand type and printed on his Abion press, I think he would be surprised at how I did it. But that is progress.

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